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Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

Grand Bazaar- Istanbul, Turkey

How old is your local mall? Chances are it can’t come close to the age of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. Bazaar is a word that means ‘market’, and the Grand Bazaar earns its name. This market is over 550 years old! It is so big that it has five mosques (a Muslim place of worship), a school, seven fountains, and forty hotels. Get your shoes on, because you will do some walking at this Istanbul landmark.
Fun Facts About the Grand Bazaar
The Grand Bazaar, also called the Kapali Cars, has almost 60 streets running through it. The combined area covered by all of the different retail stores in the Grand Bazaar is about 31,000 square meters. How many stores? Try 4000! That’s a lot of shopping!! More than 300,000 people visit this area of Istanbul each day. This miniature city within a city has also had a mysterious function, acting as a rendezvous point for spies from all sorts of countries who could meet at the Bazaar, and if necessary, could get away by using the maze-like streets to make their escape.
Exactly How Old is the Grand Bazaar?
The Bazaar was specifically opened in 1461and has never stopped selling its wares since then. However, the Bazaar did have its fair share of tragedies. In 1894, an earthquake occurred in Turkey and destroyed a good part of the market structures. There have also been fires that have ravaged buildings in 1515 and 1548. Finally, the city officials passed a rule banning fires in the marketplaces, and this stopped the widespread devastation caused by fires getting out of control each year. The good news is that the destroyed parts have been restored over the years and currently the market is in better shape than ever.
It’s A-Maze-ing!
If you go to the Grand Bazaar you’d better enjoy mazes. There are so many streets which look the same that you may take hours to find your way out if you are lost. This happens mostly to first-time visitors. Most don’t mind being lost, though, because there is just so much to see along the way. But, if you should ever visit, just remember that the streets are named according to the items sold there and there are two main streets as well as four entry gates to the Bazaar. This was originally done so that shoppers could find what they were looking for all in one section. Early visitors to the Bazaar were amazed that there were no advertisements or signs up over the shops to say what was inside.
Get a Good Deal at the Grand Bazaar
While walking through the Bazaar, it is common to hear people bargaining to get better prices. Should you visit the market, take time and bargain your way through anything. There is nothing to be embarrassed about bargaining because the seller wants you to do it anyway. Your little money goes a long way at the end of the day. What can you buy at the Bazaar? You can get anything from clothes, school bags, or belly-dancing costumes!

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Learn MORE about the Statue of Liberty


Located on Liberty Island in New York, this American Statue has stood for liberty and freedom for the United States for many years. Millions of tourists come to visit the statue and to go to the top to view New York City. For many people who first come to the United States to live the Statue of Liberty stands as a symbol of welcome. But there’s much more to know about this lady made of steel.

Fun Facts About the Statue of Liberty

Did you know that the Statue of Liberty (called Lady Liberty) has an actual birthday? She does! October 28, 1886 was when she was built. She weighs 450,000 pounds (204, 100kg) and has 354 stairs which people can climb in order to have a bird’s eye view of New York Harbor, or New York City in the distance. Your parents can take the elevator to the top, too. If you climb to the top, you will be 151 feet (46m) up in the air. Once you are up there, you’ll have 25 windows to look out of.

Lady Liberty Has Big Feet!

The Statue of Liberty has big feet! She wears a size 879 sandal, and each foot is about 25 feet long. Most people think that this Lady standing on an island in the water is painted green, but she isn’t painted at all. Lady Liberty is made out of copper, a type of metal that turns green over time.

What’s With Lady Liberty’s Clothes?

The Statue of Liberty was created by an artist by the name of Auguste Bartholdi, who was from France. The statue was a gift to the United States from France in honor of the Declaration of Independence. Auguste created Lady Liberty from a picture he saw of a Roman goddess of liberty called, Libertas. Her crown has seven spikes on it to represent all of the continents of the world. She holds a torch over her head and a tablet in her other arm. The torch stands for being the light unto the world, and offering freedom and safety to everyone who decides to live in America. Last, but not least, there is a broken chain under her foot, which reminds people that they are to live freely.

Lady Liberty Was NOT Easy to Build

Auguste had many men who worked with him to build the Statue of Liberty. They worked seven days a week, for more than ten hours a day, for almost nine years in order to complete the work. Then, Lady Liberty was so big that they realized they couldn’t ship her unless they took her apart again. She was fit into dozens of crates and then put back together again when she came to the United States. If you want to go and see her, you have to take a ferry, a type of boat, to get to the island.

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Caring About Climate Change


If the weather in your area seems unusual or extreme at times, you can blame it on climate change. While our planet’s climate goes through natural changes over long periods of time, people are making things worse by burning fossil fuels. These changes are making the Earth warmer overall, which is causing quite a few problems. Climate change is an issue that affects everyone on the planet, so doing your part to help stop it is important.
How Are People Causing Climate Change?

People burn oil, gas and other fossil fuels for many reasons, such as producing electricity, driving cars around and heating homes. When we do this, the fossil fuels we use to give off gases that trap heat in our atmosphere. This makes Earth’s temperatures warmer, which leads to climate change.
What Kinds of Changes Happen?

The higher temperatures overall don’t mean that every place on the planet becomes hotter. Instead, we experience a wide range of changes, including:
• Colder winters in some areas
• More droughts
• More tornadoes
• Stronger hurricanes and other storms

The rising temperatures are also causing glaciers to melt and sea ice to shrink, making it hard for animals who live in the Arctic region to find food and shelter. The oceans’ temperatures are becoming warmer, too, which affects many marine creatures. Sea levels are rising as well, leading to higher risks of flooding in areas that are close to shorelines.

How Can We Stop Climate Change?

There are many steps you can take to help stop climate change, including:
• Using less energy: Shut lights off, replace regular lights with CFL bulbs and turn electronics off when they’re not in use.
• Using less water: Keep your showers short, and don’t let the water run when you brush your teeth or do the dishes.
• Recycling: Recycle as much as possible to reduce the amount of waste that ends up going to landfills.
• Planting trees: Trees are our environmental allies. They absorb carbon dioxide, one of the gases given off by fossil fuels, which helps slow climate change.
• Eating locally grown food: Food that’s grown in or near your area doesn’t have to go far to get to your home, which lowers a number of gases given off by the trucks that transport it.

While these steps might seem small or perhaps too easy, they add up to big changes when more and more people start doing them. Talk to your family and friends about how they can join you in stopping climate change and making the planet healthier for all of us.

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