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Learn About Submarines


Mysterious and odd-shaped, submarines give workers ways to explore the deep sea. Submarines don’t just allow others to see the hidden parts of the world’s oceans though. They are also used to do many things in workplaces around the world.

At first glance, submarines look pretty special. The vessel can travel deep distances underwater. Inside the submarine are special tanks known as ballasts that hold large amounts of water. Submarines also have a power source. A power source is what helps power the vessel when it operates. A submarine may have different power sources: batteries, engines, or nuclear power. Some submarines use more than one of those power sources.

A submarine uses sonar to navigate through the darkest depths of the oceans in the world. Sonar puts out sound waves that bounce off objects around the submarine as it travels. When the sonar wave bounces off the objects, it sends back a signal to the vessel. A submarine usually has other equipment stored inside for crew

members. Inside, clean water, air, and various supplies are kept for the crew on board.

History of The Submarine

Submarines have a pretty cool history. Did you know the first submarine was not actually a submarine? The very first working submarine was a rowboat covered in leather!

Cornelis Drebbel, an inventor, made this early submarine in 1620. The vessel traveled depths as deep as 4.5 meters (15 feet).  In 1776, a US inventor named David Bushnell also made an early submarine. The submarine was later used in the American Revolution. A few years later, Robert Fulton built a small submarine named the Nautilus. The Nautilus helped attach small explosives to ships.

During the 1900s, inventors and engineers continued to make submarines that ran on newer power sources. By then, a submarine could run on an electric motor powered by a battery if the vessel was travelling underwater. Submarines could also run on diesel engines for traveling on water surfaces.

Both types of submarines were used in World War I and World War II.

The US Navy’s vessel, the USS Nautilus, was first deployed in 1954 and ran on nuclear power.

Submarines Today

Military around the world use submarines. Submarines protect the ships used in the Navy and also do other tasks. Scientists and researchers famously use submarines to conduct deep-sea research. A lot of the information about deep-sea creatures would not be available without submarines! Submarines are also used by salvagers to recover lost ship parts. Some places even allow tourists to ride in a submarine to see the deep sea first hand!

How Submarines Stay Underwater

Ever wonder how a submarine stays underwater? The ballasts inside a submarine help keep the vessel underwater. When the vessel wants to sink, the ballasts fill up with water.

Water is very heavy. When it fills a submarine ballast, it helps the vessel become much heavier. When it’s time for the submarine to rise, the water in the ballasts is emptied. When the water leaves the ballasts, it makes the vessel lighter, so it can rise out of the deeper parts of water. To move around, a submarine usually has a propeller on its back end.




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Learning a Foreign Language

(photo courtesy of schooladvisor.my)

·      Why Learning a Foreign Language is Rewarding:

Learning a foreign language may be one of the most challenging yet rewarding things a person can do. It comes naturally to some and is more difficult for others but one thing is certain: it’s easier when you’re young. It’s also a lot easier to learn a foreign language if one is immersed in the sounds and is among native speakers. It is incredibly rewarding to learn another’s native tongue as it helps us to understand the nature of language and what it truly means to communicate with each other. It is also rewarding to try and expand one’s mind as much as possible and to have learning challenges: always learning is like setting out on a constant adventure where your mind is the mode of travel.

There are many benefits to learning a new language and the Eton Institute (one of the most well-known and respected language schools in the world) has a whole list that may be of interest and encouragement for one embarking on this journey.  It has been proven that studying language keeps one sharp and helps to improve memory while even helping with the ability to multitask. Those are just a couple of amazing rewards one will reap when seeking out this particular kind of knowledge.

·      What To Do When Studying In a Classroom Is Not An Option:

Of course, taking classes or having a personal tutor is always an optimal way of learning but is not available for everyone. If one cannot learn in a classroom there are audiotapes and films available where one can listen and study. Of course, there are also books and the Rosetta Stone (an educational software company that helps to develop language and literacy). The Rosetta Stone has proven to be incredibly effective and is very popular among those studying foreign languages.

·      Fun and Inventive Ways to Actually Remember What You Learn:

If one cannot physically be in the country in which the language they’re learning is spoken then watching films is always a wonderful and artistic way to grasp the culture, landscape and, of course, the language. Another way, as aforementioned, to help enhance the learning process and to spark the imagination is to watch educational films and to sing songs. FluentU (Foreign Language Immersion Online) offers tips on how to learn a foreign language while watching movies regardless of skill level. Simple songs and nursery rhymes such as Frère Jacques are also helpful when learning a new language. Of course, materials such as flash cards are ideal for studying and it’s always more fun to work with a partner.

(photo courtesy of smartlanguagelearner.com)

·      Finally, Why One Should Want to Study a Foreign Language:

There are many reasons to learn a foreign language and they’re all pretty exciting because they all include discovering new and wonderful things about the world. Imagine being able to communicate with all sorts of different people while learning about exotic cultures and traditions across the globe. What an amazing opportunity! It’s incredibly important to know about the world around us and the people in it: learning a foreign language helps us to understand different ways of living and, in turn, we understand more about ourselves and where we come from. It’s also the perfect excuse to travel. To explore all kinds of world destinations, visit Nabila K’s Spartan and the Green Egg website for travel stickers and videos that include colorful images and information galore. Global Graduates is a wonderful website that focuses on studying world languages and studying abroad; it also offers helpful advice for encouraging children to learn a foreign language. For more information, look no further: https://globalgraduates.com/articles/motivate-your-child-to-learn-a-foreign-language

For further reading and to visit the sites mentioned in this blog, follow these links:  https://www.fluentu.com/blog/learning-language-through-movies/



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