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Keep Our Oceans Clean

Over the years, human beings have polluted the world’s oceans and beaches quite a bit. We have also caused changes to the ocean food chains by fishing some species to extinction or endangerment. But we need our oceans, and it’s important that we work hard to keep them clean and make them healthy again. Here are some things you can do to help protect the ocean.


Remember Where the Water Goes

One of the biggest things you can do to keep the ocean clean is remember where the water goes, especially if your house is connected to a sewer system or near an ocean. Any water that runs down your drains can make its way to the ocean or to rivers that flow into the ocean, like the Mississippi River. That’s why you should never pour anything down your drains that is bad for the ocean, like cat litter or chemicals.

Conserve Water When You Can

Another way you can do your part to keep our oceans clean and protect the world’s watersupply is to conserve water. That means only use the water that you need. Try keeping your showers under a certain amount of time, brush your teeth without running the water the entire time, and tell your parents to get leaky pipes fixed fast. You can even get your whole family to start collecting rainwater to use for things like watering your garden.


Don’t Use Chemicals

Chemicals like the ones farmers use to fertilize their crops or the ones found in cleaning supplies you use around the house can easily get into the water runoff that eventually goes to the oceans. Any pollutants that get into the air can also be moved on the wind or with the rain until they get to oceans and beaches. So, talk to your family about natural ways to grow your gardens or clean your house. Try to get them to use fewer chemicals that can hurt the oceans.

Be Careful When You Visit the Ocean or Beach

You can also help to keep our oceans clean by being careful whenever you visit them. If you go outon boats always keep your trash on board. Throw it out only when you get back to land and find a trash bin. Also, try to remember that the wind can be strong out on the water. Keep hats, plastic bags, and other light things in places where the wind can’t blow them into the water.


If you are just spending time on the beach you can also help to keep the ocean clean by keeping the beach clean. Remember, any trash on the beach can be blown into the water by the wind or sucked into the water by the tide. Trash in or around the water can also be eaten by the animals or hurt them, which isn’t good for the ocean either.


If you are just visiting a beach then make sure that anything you bring there goes home with you or goes into trash bins. But if you live near the beach then you could help to keep the beach and ocean even cleaner by getting your friends and family together for a beach cleaning day. Together you can all clean up the trash and keep it from getting into the ocean. If everyone who lived near the beach did that then all of the world’s beaches and the oceans would be cleaner.


Learn and Teach About the Ocean

The very best way to keep our oceans clean for a long time is for you to learn all you can about the ocean and teach your friends and family members about how important clean oceans are. You don’t have to be a teacher, or even an adult, to help people learn how to protect the water. The more you learn about all of the important things the oceans do for the world, the easier it will be to find ways to protect them.

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Learn MORE About the Rock of Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar has been an important piece of land for centuries. It’s first claim to fame was that it was where two huge, skyscraper-sized rocks stood, almost like giant pillars. These were called by the ancient people, the Pillars of Hercules. One of the pillars has long since washed away, but the other remained. It is after this pillar and the body of water around it (called Gibraltar) that the area is named. This area has been held by many different countries including, Arabia, Spain, France, and England.

Fun Facts about the Rock of Gibraltar

If you are lost and wandering in the Mediterranean Sea, you can see the Rock of Gibraltar even if you are several miles away from it. Why? It is because the Rock of Gibraltar is as high as 426 meters. It protrudes out of the Mediterranean Sea the way candles stand upon a birthday cake. The Rock of Gibraltar is made of limestone which is the material that companies use to make cement, so it is very strong.

The Rock of Gibraltar Preserves Past History

Bones and the remains of animals that lived more than 100 million years ago have been found preserved right there on the Rock of Gibraltar. Even though fossils were preserved in the Rock of Gibraltar, they are not in good shape because they have decayed so much that only scientists can study them and know what they really were millions of years ago. Also found in the area are some of the oldest manmade artwork the world has ever known. They are still discovering new artifacts each year.


The Caves of Gibraltar

Did you know that there are more than 100 caves that can be found under the Gibraltar rock alone? There is also a network of tunnels and underground passages that were dug by warlords during times of war in Gibraltar. These passages are known as galleries and are currently being used as archives for tourists who visit the rock. In fact, if you are in these passages or halls you might see the Spanish coast which is not too far off in the distance. It is in some of these caves where some of the most ancient discoveries have been made. Artwork, pottery, even bones have been found, which are very old and tell scientists what life was like for the people who used to live there.

Monkeys and the Rock of Gibraltar

There are many ideas as to how the monkeys first found their way to Gibraltar, but the most widely accepted idea is that the monkeys used one of the tunnels under the rock that leads 15 miles to Africa. Regardless of how the monkeys first arrived there, it is said that as long as the monkeys live on the Rock, it will always be under British rule. The monkeys have no tails and are a type of Barbary Ape. The park maintains their populations and makes sure that they are given their immunizations and are kept healthy.

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