Three Ways To Ignite Your Child’s Sense Of Adventure Without Leaving Your Home

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If your children have a natural sense of adventure that you want to nurture, but you can’t find enough time in the day to satisfy their need to travel the neighborhood in pursuit of long-lost treasures those pirates left thousands of years ago, we have just the remedy to keep their minds moving in the right direction.

Here are three simple steps for satisfying their urges without having to leave your home, the Spartan way!

1. Give them the challenge of learning what it takes to visit an area of the world they have never heard of

The Spartan And The Green Egg series was developed as a way for children to understand more than just where places exist geographically. Each Spartan story hones in specifically on issues surrounding these areas and the challenges visitors may face when they arrive. Your child is invited through the stories to take actionable steps with the explorers to overcome their challenges while helping to preserve the land and its inhabitants. Taking your child on such a trip gives them a chance to fully engage their mind while helping the explorers find their destination.

2. Join the actual explorers through the Spartan And The Green Egg Website

When your child becomes a member of the Spartan And The Green Egg website he or she has a chance to meet the explorers personally and see other areas of the world they each want to visit. Once they choose the explorer they can most jive with, they have the chance to look deeper into places of exploration that encourage them to come up with potential adventures of their own into these new and exciting places.

3. Join the SGE Explorer’s Club

We have found that children who like adventure like to take their reading to the next level of challenging interactions. That is why we created the SGE Explorer’s Club, which gives your children the chance to interact with the Spartan characters they love and learn from them about various areas of the world that appeal to them most in the books. When they become more fluent in the areas they love, the can then share their newfound information with other explorers from around the world, creating new virtual adventures together. This level of engagement gives them a chance to take control of their own journey while learning how collaborate as a leader on their chosen paths.

Can you think of other ways your child can benefit from joining the Explorer Team? If so, leave your comments below!


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