Tracking Your Child’s Exercise Routine Builds Self-esteem, And Math Skills Too!


Spartan and his friends take an amazing trip to the Rainforest with their friend Egg, the friendly alien who guides them on their second adventure in Book 2 of the series. This time around, the group is more practiced, less frightened and more open to the adventure that awaits them in this far area of the world.

They say practice makes perfect. But, the truth is, practice makes permanent. This holds really true most especially in the character, attitude, and aptitude that we will develop in our kids while they are at that age when they are impressionable. A good execution of this practice-makes-permanent mantra is exercise. To complement this mantra, it’s a great idea to keep track of our kids’ progress in the exercises and challenges we will give them. At first, as moms we will be the ones to set the target or goal. Then, little by little we can pass on to them the task to challenge themselves to accomplish more than what they have achieved in the previous days.

We definitely still have to be there to show them support not to back down from the challenge and run fewer miles today, bike shorter distances, swim fewer laps, or do fewer summersaults. In the end, this makes our children more confident and builds their self-esteem. While all this emotional and psychological progress is happening, we are also teaching them basic skills in math.

By continuously challenging our kids to do better every day, we are making them realize that each day is a chance for them to be a faster runner, a more dedicated swimmer, or a more capable gymnast. They learn to value their abilities and build a healthier sense of self.

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