Where To See The World’s Fastest Animals!


The World’s Fastest Land Animals

The Cheetah is the world’s fastest land mammal; it runs more quickly than any other creature and can reach speeds up to sixty miles per hour in about three seconds! A cheetah usually sprints after its prey and can run as fast as seventy-five miles per hour. The animal exerts a lot of energy in a short amount of time: not only does it move at alarmingly fast speeds but is very nimble, agile, and has terrific eyesight. Cheetahs live mostly in Africa (and a few can be found in parts of Iran). Cheetahs can be found in the Southwestern portion of the continent in Namibia while the Northwestern African Cheetah is native to the Sahara desert and the Sahel.

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  • The Greyhound is the fastest dog there is and can run up to forty-five miles per hour! They were originally bred for hunting hares and foxes and are native to Europe and Eurasia.
  • The Wildebeest (found in Ghana and the African Savanna) is also known as a “gnu” and is actually an antelope. These amazing animals can run as fast as fifty miles an hour.

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  • The Jackrabbit is actually a hare and is a desert dweller. Known for its speed, a black-tailed jackrabbit can leap twenty feet into the air and can run thirty to thirty-five miles an hour. Not only do they run very fast but they move in a zig-zag motion! Jackrabbits can be found in the southwestern United States (including Arizona) and Northwestern Mexico.

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In The Air

  • The Golden Eagle can be found in North America (mostly the western United States and Alaska) and Mexico. This eagle is a bird of prey and can fly at speeds over thirty miles per hour.

(A golden eagle, allaboutbirds.org)

  • Hummingbirds’ wings move so fast that they actually hum (they can fly nearly fifty miles per hour). These tiny birds may be tiny, but they are some of the most beautiful and fascinating creatures of the air. The males are known for their ruby-colored throats, while the females have more subdued hues. They can be found in many places—from South America to Alaska, to tropical forests and even way up in the Andes Mountains.

(Killer Whale, sci-news.com)

Under the Sea

  • The Killer Whale or “orca” is one of the world’s most magnificent creatures: with its mighty size and black and white color scheme, it is actually a member of the dolphin family. This mighty mammal can be found in the Pacific Northwest and along Norway’s Atlantic Coast. Orcas are highly intelligent and can swim up to forty miles a day at speeds of up to thirty-four miles per hour.

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  • The Black Marlin is one of the world’s fastest fish. It has been said that a marlin can swim up to eighty miles per hour and can be found in subtropical areas of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

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