Winter Sports And Activites


Fun Winter Sports

There’s nothing more exciting during the winter than sports! If you and your children are looking for something filled with adventure and fun, look no further.

  • Ice skating is the perfect winter pastime; it can be as athletic or as fun and playful as you like. One doesn’t have to be a skilled skater to love the activity. It’s all in the doing and enjoyment!

(Spartan and the Green Egg’s “Poiana Braşov” Explorer Sticker)

  • Skiing (alpine and cross-country): one of the most spectacular ski resorts in the world is called Poiana Brașov. Located in Romania, this is an incredibly popular destination for tourists throughout all of Europe as the trails are very long and wide. There are other popular winter attractions there as well, such as ice skating, luging, and snow tubing. To collect the Spartan and the Green Egg Explorer Sticker featuring the majestic ski resort Poiana Brașov, visit!

(Spartan and the Green Egg’s “Faraya” Explorer Sticker)

Faraya is a magnificent village in Lebanon and is a winter-time destination for any explorer as that’s where the region’s ski resorts are located. One of the most well-known resorts in the area, Mzaar (in the Mzaar-Kfardebian mountain range), is also one of the largest in the Middle East. It overlooks Bekaa Valley as well as famous peaks such as Zaarour and Laqlouq. If skiing isn’t your favorite winter activity, there are cable cars where tourists can ride high above the landscape while admiring the snow-covered mountains below. Spartan and the Green Egg also offers a Faraya Explorer Sticker to add to your collection!

  • Snowboarding: It has been said that skiing is easier to learn than snowboarding but that it’s more difficult to master. So, if skiing isn’t your cup of tea, snowboarding may be a fun and exhilarating way to make the season fly by. And, if neither is your forte, that’s okay: curl up by the fire at the ski lodge and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa.
  • Ice Hockey is a more rigorous team sport played in a rink and is definitely a winter option when it comes to competitive sports.

Whimsical Activities Unique to Winter

(Film still from Edward Scissorhands, 1990)

(Spartan and the Green Egg’s “Sapporo Snow Festival” Explorer Sticker)

  • Ice sculptures: the idea of carving ice into a sculpture is a whimsical and extremely specialized one. It is also rare because, as we know, ice melts, so a work of art created from a block of ice is transient and uncertain. Every year, in February, millions of people attend the week-long Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan. Located in Odori Park, the festival is filled with the world’s most elaborate snow and ice sculptures. There is even a snow sculpture contest! It began and 1950 and, to this day, is one of the world’s most anticipated winter festivals. Don’t forget to add Spartan and the Green Egg’s Sapporo Snow Festival Explorer Sticker to your collection!

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